General conditions


Please read carefully these conditions, as they explain the rights and obligation of HHR, as well as your own, as a tenant. The payment of your rent to HHR confirms your acceptance of the terms and conditions described below.

1. Type of agreement: HHR is an intermediary between homeowners and guests. The rental agreement is always an agreement between the owner and tenant. This implies that the rights and obligations, are defined only as a mutual agreement between owners and tenants. HHR acts as representative to the owners and is only responsible as regards the action of mediation. However, HHR is only responsible for the amount of rent paid by the tenant. HHR reserves the right to reject clients or cancel reservations.

2. We rely on a system of probing to be able to bring possible improvements both in service and in the accomodation itself. We provide clear information regarding your holiday home before you make a reservation. Please note that the surrounding area of the holiday house is subject to external factors. Therefore, the description is only the representation of a scenario that can change with the seasons and weather patterns.

3. Conditions of payment: your reservation will be considered firm after having received your reservation form and the payment on account of 50% of the total rental cost, as long as the reservation is made at lest 30 days before your arrival, on the contrary the payment on account for the confirmation will be 100% of your reservation. The balance must be paid, at the latest, 30 days before the beginning of the rental period by credit or debit card, or to the bank account number assigned by HHR. It is essential to mention your reservation number (thank you for remembering). HHR reserves the right to cancel a pre-reservation if payment is not received within 48 hours since the booking request was sent.


-the reservation will not be valid until the payment has been charged and received by HHR.
-the reservation MUST be made before 13:00, in case of not receiving the payment of the booking, HHR reserves the right of not attending it.

4. Deposit: The accomodation available on the web page of HHR, have the necessary information regarding deposits on the same page. Web

5. Cancellation policy by the tenant: The client has the right to cancel the reservation, taking charge of the following expenses:

-50% of the total of the reservation, if the cancellation is made 30 working days or more between the reservation date and the starting date of the holiday rental.
-100%of the total of the reservation if the cancellation is made 30 working days or less to the starting date of the holiday rental.

All cancellations must be notified by email to HHR at and must be confirmed in writing. The day of receipt of the written cancellation, will be the actual day of cancellation. Should circumstances arise requiring the cancellation of the holiday home already reserved, the tenant will be notified immediately and, if possible will be offered alternative holiday accomodation of similar characteristics or, otherwise, the refunding of the cost of rental in case of the option of another property cannot be possible.

6. Responsability of the tenant: During your stay in the holiday home, the tenant is totally responsible for any damage he may cause to the real estate, conditioning and all other goods pertaining to the rented property. Any damage caused by the tenant or their travel companions should be paid for by the tenant, with the value of a new item. HHR has the right to use the deposit to cover these costs. In case of a serious problem, such as the intentional damage or neighbourhood disturbance, HHR reserves the right to terminate the contract without any refund of the cost of rental, or security deposit for breach of contract. Between the hours 22:00 and 08:00 in the morning, the tenant must respect the rest of the neighbours without causing discomfort.

In case of failure to comply to any of these conditions, the rental contract will be terminated immeditely without any right to claim a refund. 
Pets: Pets are not allowed in any of the properties. ONLY in the holidays homes in which it is explicitely mentioned on the web page.

7. Responsabilities of HHR: HHR is NOT responsible for any damages and/or expenses caused for or to the tenants, as well as for any posessions lost, stolen, damaged suffered or caused to the tenants of the holiday homes. HHR is not responsible for any inconvenience during the stay, as well as in case of relative litigation of the description of the house as described in the Web page.

8. Eventual construction activities: The properties of HHR are all private properties, this means that there is the possibility of maintenance work in neighbouring properties that do not form part of the holiday homes offered by HHR. Despite the fact that HHR is not responsible for any inconvenience this may cause during your stay, HHR can try to negociate with the local companies involved in such works.

9. Arrival and departure: The information refering to your arrival and departure can be found on the page of each accomodation on


- if the client wishes to check in directly to their accomodation, this must be reserved at least 24 hours before arrival, after that HHR cannot guarantee this service.

10. Facilites and activities: Not all the facilities or activities mentioned on the web page, such as sports facilities, swimming pools, restaurants, nightclubs, etc... are usually open all year round. HHR is not responsible if these facilities/activites owned by third parties, are found to be closed during your stay.

11. Cleaning: The same rules apply in all accommodations: your accommodation will be clean on arrival. We kindly ask that you leave it in the same condition in which you found it on arrival. Any problem you have with the cleaning  and/or inventory should be reported to our representative on arrival, as well as if you are not satisfied with the service given.

12. Complaints procedure: If on arrival, you find any errors or defects, it is advisible to notify our staff as soon as possible by email or sending a whatsapp message. In the majority of cases, you will be offered a suitable solution. If you detect a problem in situ, for which an immediate solution is not possible, please, file your complaint by email to HHR. All complaints should be sent to via email, within 24 hours maximum after your departure. After this period, any new complaints will not be processed.

13. Conflict resolution: each question, dispute or difference that arises, without exception, between the parties with respect to the rights, obligations and/or responsabilities in those cases which can not be resolved amicably, will be submitted to the arbitration of Autonomous Community of Catalonia in a period of 10 days after sending an arbitration lawsuit in writing by any of the parties.

14. Notifications: Any written notice required or permitted under these Terms and Conditions can be sent by HHR via email, registered post or messenger service to the last known electronic address of the affected party, whereas written notifications to HHR should be sent to the following email address: or to the following address: carrer Sant Ramon, 32, Santa Susanna, 08398, Barcelona.

We wish you a pleasant holidays

Thank you very much.

Home Holdays Rentals - Team.